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What can tiips do for you?

Loyalty Program

Convert your loyalty points into assets like gold, stocks and cryptocurrency


Earn free services like free commissions and stock data plan from financial institutions

Plastic Bottle Recycle Rewards

Turn your plastic bottles into tiips Rewards and convert them into assets

Special Offers

Explore merchants’ special offer and earn tiips Rewards

Realize financial freedom in a click

Good investing is simple. It is just steady accumulation of valuable assets over time. We help you to make it a simple habit. We record your redeemed assets along your financial journey.

How does tiips work?

tiips is an ecosystem connecting merchants, Loyalty programs and financial institutions. We aggregate your spending rebates and convert them into assets. Spend with us and growth your wealth from zero capital.

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This app is definitely useful for everyone. I can manage my earned assets and learn more about different types of financial products in one go.

Chloe, 26
Senior Project Executive

I can earn valuable assets from my daily spending. This app is very user-friendly especially for investment beginners.

Ken, 22
University Student

Purchasing assets has never been this easy. Recycling plastic bottles is my favourite way of earning tiips reward!

Martha, 30
Marketing Manager



想儲錢但唔知點樣開始?小編之前為大家介紹過入門新手必選嘅 50/30/20 黃金法則 ,而今日我哋將會繼續為大家整合其他方法。   由於每人都可能有唔同儲錢嘅理由同原因,例如為退休準備,又或者純粹為咗控制開支。正所謂 ”No dream is too big, and no dreamer is too small“,任何一個目標都同等重要。除咗 50/30/20 同之前轉載過嘅「信封儲錢法」,你亦可以嘗試每個月一出糧後即刻分配一部分到你嘅儲蓄,剩餘嘅部分先再用於消費。呢種儲蓄大計同其他介紹過嘅操作模式相反,但就可以確保離自己嘅理財目標又近咗一步。   選擇適合嘅儲錢方法有唔同標準,例如如果你唔太注重每項洗費嘅細節,有啲需要用到理財 app 嘅計劃就可能未必適合你。佢規定你紀錄每筆款項嘅詳情,連用途都要清晰記低。相反,50/30/20 法則會相對較為方便,你只需要每月分配你嘅收入一次,就可以無後顧之憂。但相對地 50/30/20

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Tips for Saving

Can’t wait to start saving but not sure how to master it? We have introduced the 50/30/20 golden rule – a must have item for the

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互惠基金 vs ETF (下)

上一篇 blog 提到,互惠基金同 ETF 都可以幫投資者分散風險,而佢哋嘅不同之處就在於一個使用「積極管理」,另一個使用「被動管理」。   積極管理,顧名思義即係投資者主動嘗試唔同嘅方法去打贏大市,通常受到專業基金經理採用。佢哋會透過資料搜集、分析預報去判斷市場走勢,再決定策略去投資合適嘅股票。由於事前準備工夫太多,所以購買互惠基金嘅費用非常高昂。   被動管理等同投資者跟隨股市走勢投資。佢哋嘅目標只係要配合返市場表現,唔需要打贏大市。做法較為簡單,投資者會追蹤某指數再追隨相關表現。比較為人所共知嘅有標準普爾 500 指數,自動幫助投資者追蹤該指數涵蓋嘅所有股票。由於做法簡易,因此費用亦相對較容易負擔。   正正因為費用問題,近年大部分投資者都捨棄積極管理基金,轉為購買指數基金。然而,市面上並冇一種最好嘅策略,因此我哋都要謹記以下幾點: 難以打贏大市 根據調查指出,喺 5 年年期入面,有 91% 嘅基金都無法打敗標準普爾 500 指數 (大市)。所以較低成本嘅指數基金未嘗唔係一個好選擇。 下行保護 積極管理基金嘅其中一個好處就係,具有豐富經驗嘅專業人士可以幫助我哋管理相應產品。萬一股市下行,佢哋仍然可以盡量保護我哋持有嘅資產。 分散投資

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tiips Calculator





tiips 自2019 年創立至今,2020年完成種子輪融資,唯2021年第四年仍未能籌得新一輪融資,我們作出了艱難的決定,將於2022年2月21號 23:59 終止tiips mobile app 的運作。

我們目前的首要任務是確保用戶積分換取資產及實金買賣服務暢順度及公平性,我們將會分階段停止tiips mobile app 的功能及運作。


所有客戶的黃金儲存於Tiips Services limited。Tiips Services Limited 是獨立第三方信托人,信托或公司服務提供者牌照號碼為TC007559,客戶的黃金儲存於張氏金業有限公司Tiips Services Limited 的戶口。


客戶的Bitcoin存量是儲存在Tips Dollar (HK) Limited 擁有的cold wallet。


31/12/2021 23:59 停止買入實金。

1/1/2022 00:0021/2/2022 23:59 tiips 積分換取資產及賣出實金及Bitcoin 如常進行。而我們將會用 ”買入價” 回購客戶的資產,已回饋客戶多年來的支持。

21/2/2022 23:59 tiips mobile app 停止運作。

1/3/2022 00:0030/11/2022 23:59 人手處理顧客剩餘現金。客戶的剩餘資產將會用2/21/2022 23:59 當刻價格賣出,而相關金額我們會幫顧客保留,而我們將會用電郵方式確認客戶剩餘之金額,客戶可電郵[email protected]Whatsapp 93889879辦理手續領取現全,該現金我們會用FPS 轉賬,手續費維持港幣$3。

1/12/2022 00:0031/12/2022 23:59 我們會將所有顧客未領取的現金捐贈致愛護動物協會。

儘管tiips mobile app 將終止營運,我們往後會集中開發機構客戶市場,以延續寓消費於儲蓄的理念。


tiips was established in 2019 and accomplished its seed funding in 2020. It was with regret that we were still unable to receive the funding for the new round in 2021. Thus, we have unfortunately come to the decision to cease the operation of the tiips mobile app on 21 February 2022 23:59.
To ensure the smooth facilitation and fairness in user points & assets redemption and gold trading, we will close down the functions of tiips mobile app according to different phases.

Safety of Gold

All users’ gold is now stored in Tiips Services Limited, account provided by Cheung’s Gold Traders Limited. Tiips Services Limited is an third party trustee, which its Trust or Company Service Provider Licence number is TC007559.

Safety of Bitcoin

All users’ Bitcoin is now stored in the cold wallet owned by Tips Dollar (HK) Limited.

Timeline as follows:

31/12/2021 23:59 Gold purchases will be suspended.

1/1/2022 00:00 to 21/2/2022 23:59 tiips reward & assets redemption, gold selling and Bitcoin trading will be operated as usual. To express our gratitude throughout the years, tiips will purchase users’ assets at the “BUY PRICE”.

21/2/2022 23:59 tiips mobile app will be ceased to operate.

1/3/2022 00:00 to 30/11/2022 23:59 tiips will manually proceed the users’ remaining cash. Those assets will be sold at the price as of 21/2/2022 23:59, while we will keep the amount of money and email the customers for further confirmation. Customers may email us at [email protected] or Whatsapp 93889879 to collect the cash. The payment will be performed through FPS, and tiips will keep the handling fee at HKD 3.

1/12/2022 00:00 to 31/12/2022 23:59 tiips will donate all the uncollected cash to The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

The tiips mobile app might have suspended its operation, nevertheless tiips will continue to expand its corporate market, to sustain the belief in combining spending and saving in the future.

Last but not least, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for the support from tiips’ users, merchants and partners over the past three years.