Turn Your Loyalty Points into Assets

An easy and trustworthy way to accumulate wealth

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What can tiips do for you?

Loyalty Program

Convert your loyalty points into assets like gold, stocks and cryptocurrency


Earn free services like free commissions and stock data plan from financial institutions

Plastic Bottle Recycle Rewards

Turn your plastic bottles into tiips Rewards and convert them into assets

Special Offers

Explore merchants’ special offer and earn tiips Rewards

Realize financial freedom in a click

Good investing is simple. It is just steady accumulation of valuable assets over time. We help you to make it a simple habit. We record your redeemed assets along your financial journey.

How does tiips work?

tiips is an ecosystem connecting merchants, Loyalty programs and financial institutions. We aggregate your spending rebates and convert them into assets. Spend with us and growth your wealth from zero capital.

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Direct you to alliance financial institutions.

Excited Users & Press Reviews

Learn about tiips from other users and start exploring your financial journey


This app is definitely useful for everyone. I can manage my earned assets and learn more about different types of financial products in one go.

Chloe, 26
Senior Project Executive

I can earn valuable assets from my daily spending. This app is very user-friendly especially for investment beginners.

Ken, 22
University Student

Purchasing assets has never been this easy. Recycling plastic bottles is my favourite way of earning tiips reward!

Martha, 30
Marketing Manager


Tips for Saving

Can’t wait to start saving but not sure how to master it? We have introduced the 50/30/20 golden rule – a must have item for the

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