Tips for Saving

Can’t wait to start saving but not sure how to master it? We have introduced the 50/30/20 golden rule – a must have item for the newbies. So today, we are going to explore more on those saving alternatives.  While we may have different reasons for saving e.g. retirement, or simply just for keeping an eye […]

Mutual Funds vs ETFs (2)

In the previous blog, it was stated that both mutual funds and ETFs can help investors to diversify their risks. Their main difference is that mutual funds utilise active management method, while the other one uses passive management. Active management indicates that investors proactively try out different methods to beat the market, it is usually […]

Mutual Funds vs ETFs (1)

Last time we have brought up 4 different ways to start investing, while picking stocks requires the most time and experience amongst those. As such, this option might be highly achievable for investment newbies. Are you looking for stepping stones? The market has got a lot on offer, for us to diversify risks and adjust […]

How to Start Investing? (2)

From what we mentioned about the ways of investing in stocks and mutual funds last week, it’s time to introduce the rest of the methods! Selecting index funds: Lower level of time and resources requiredFor those investors who picked index funds, they can track the performance of the investment market as a whole. Say if […]

How to Start Investing? (1)

As they say, “Well begun is half done”. Even though we are familiar with the benefits of investing, we could still be unsure of how to get started. This time we are going to analyze various investing ways for entering the market, and some tiny little details that we have to beware of. Apart from […]

The Science of Compound Interests (2)

After discussing the perks of compound interests last week, let us look into more real life examples today – 2 fresh grads who have just started their careers.   Example A: Started saving early and invested $5,000 at the age of 25 Added $2,500 every year for investing until age 65  Example B: Delayed investing until […]

The Science of Compound Interests (1)

From where we left off last time as we weighed the pros and cons of investing and savings, one thing that makes investing stand out is because of compound interests. As such, we are about to explore different aspects of it today! Ever wondered about the magnificent snowball effect? This is actually how compound interest […]

The 50/20/30 Budget

It is undoubtedly difficult to live in this concrete city on a budget. While the barrier to saving is definitely high, let us loosen up a bit and introduce you to the tricks to budgeting! Among all the doable saving options that we can follow, the 50/20/30 Budget is the relatively more popular one. As […]

Gold Investment vs Fixed Deposits (2)

In the last blog article, we got to figure out the pros and cons of gold investment and fixed deposits, so let us move on to their potential risks today. Fixed deposits being unable to hedge against inflations  Looking back in 2018, the average annual inflation rate was approximately 2.4%. Thus, the mentioned 0.25% – […]

Gold Investment vs Fixed Deposits (1)

If you reckon, we have understood that long-term investing is better than saving in earlier times. However, if you realize that you might prefer low-risk-products to compromise on your risk tolerance accordingly, stocks might not be a considerable option for you. Hence in these two weeks, we are going to explore two low-risk-products, namely gold […]