Investing 101 – The Impact of Cognitive Biases

In the last episode of Investing 101, we mentioned types of cognitive biases. Let us now move on to the impacts that they cause, and how they hinder our decision making process.  The fatal con of those biases is, they make investors wrongly deduct the ideal timing of entering the market, which ends up hampering […]

Investing 101 – Tips for Investing

Hooray, let me proudly introduce you to the new episode of Investing 101! To start off, we are here to remind you a few tips before you start investing.  Entry BarrierAlthough there is never an entry time that’s best for your plan, unreasonable hesitations would just drag us down and hinder our decision making.  Remain […]

Investing 101 – Risks and Types of Investment Products

Last time we mentioned the reasons why investing outweighs saving in the long run, so let us proceed to the definition of risk and types of investment products today! While risk comes along in all types of investment, your return is definitely relied and dependent on risk. In general, the larger the expected return, the […]

Investing 101 – Saving or investing?

Either saving and investing bring you steady earnings, but which strategy we the amateur investors should really go for? In these coming few weeks, we are about to compare and contrast two different types of strategies, investment product categories and things to beware of.  In circumstances where our financial goals are short-term, we usually prefer […]

Bad Habits That Investment Newbies Do

Last week, we talked about 5 habits that you should persist in. So today, let us move on to some bad habits that we investment newbies might have. Solely relying on unreliable sources  Numerous investment amateurs have been walking on a riskier way and listening to untrustworthy information. They would rather join groups on different […]

A Not-so-surprising-fact: only 67% of people save regularly?

It would not be surprising that all of us know the benefits of saving. Nevertheless, only 67% of people take saving as a regular habit, as stated in a recent survey. If you are curious about this, make sure to read on and find out the answer in this blog!  A guerrilla research was done […]

5 Habits That You Should Persist In

Although the world might seem unfair, time will surely tell. As long as you are willing to keep your good habits, your life would be rewarding. So what are the 5 habits you shouldn’t miss? Care for your physical healthThis is cliché but true. Living a hectic urban style, your health might be squeezed to […]

Is Investing Freaking You Out?

As they say, “mindset is everything”. You would realize that when you start investing, your attitude is much more critical compared with skills – while your attitude comprises being calm, agile and relaxed.  Stay Calm  Investing is similar to your life, where you might experience ups and downs throughout the journey. Nevertheless, being calm is […]

The FIRE movement

For those of you who conform to the stereotype of retiring after the age of 65, this might just be a bias. A well-organised retirement plan should not depend on your age, but instead your financial wellbeing! Recently, there has been a rising trend called F.I.R.E in the investing world, equivalent to “financial independence, retire […]

The financial product that you can’t miss

Getting too tired of me saying that investing gold is a good choice (*** insert Why you should allocate 10% assets for gold purchases? blog) ? Then you should take a look at the Global Market Report prepared by the Standard Chartered bank!    According to the report, their analysts have encapsulated three reasons of […]