Work, Work, Work

As a busy urbanite, what actually makes us live this hectic lifestyle? I guess the answer would not be surprising – money of course. Nonetheless, do you ever realise that even though you are spending 24/7, there’s no way that you can earn money 24/7? Is this really a healthy spending style that you should […]

What’s Dollar Cost Averaging?

As we have mentioned before, starting your investments early would be much more beneficial to your financial journey. (***insert time = money blog) If you are the laissez-faire-type-of-person, you might need a survival guide for investors who do not like to actively manage their accounts.  Dollar cost averaging is a systematic investment method, where investors […]

Do you have the “Shopaholic Syndrome”?

Desperate to know whether you could potentially be diagnosed with the “Shopaholic Syndrome”? This test might come in handy: You could never stop yourself from online shopping There’s always something placed in your online shopping cart You are unconscious of the fact that you always check out those items in the end. It tickles your […]

How to Achieve Financial Freedom?

Hong Kong is infamously known for their exorbitant living costs. It has recently (yet always) been selected as the world’s most expensive city to live in, together with Singapore and Osaka.  Inevitably living in this lifestyle where we have to bear with the large expenses while low interest rates, we should handle our assets more […]