Do you have the “Shopaholic Syndrome”?

Desperate to know whether you could potentially be diagnosed with the “Shopaholic Syndrome”? This test might come in handy:

  1. You could never stop yourself from online shopping
  2. There’s always something placed in your online shopping cart

    You are unconscious of the fact that you always check out those items in the end.

  3. It tickles your heart when you come across the word “SALE”
  4. You can’t resist to shop more during festivals

    You always convince your rationality that Black Friday/Christmas sales happen only once a year, “well who would miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance!”

  5. You always dine out with friends/attend gatherings

    “Carpe diem” they said, it would be fun they said.

  6. You are always after cheap airline tickets

    Forever the first one to buy the on-sale-flight-tickets? Then you might need to think twice for your wallet’s sake.

  7. Your “wants” always override your “needs”
  8. You always come home to goods that are yet to be unboxed
  9. You think that shopping heals the soul

    Is “Shopping therapy” always a method you adopt? Tick this box.

  10. You feel anxious when you haven’t shopped this week

0 boxes checked: Congratulations! You were tested negative for the Shopaholic Syndrome.

1-3 boxes checked: You are diagnosed with mild symptoms.

4-6 boxes checked: You are diagnosed with moderate symptoms.

7 or more boxes checked: We are sorry to tell you that you might have severe symptoms. Feel free to follow our Instagram and Facebook to learn how to deal with this “syndrome”!

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