How to Achieve Financial Freedom?

Hong Kong is infamously known for their exorbitant living costs. It has recently (yet always) been selected as the world’s most expensive city to live in, together with Singapore and Osaka. 

Inevitably living in this lifestyle where we have to bear with the large expenses while low interest rates, we should handle our assets more flexibly in order to strive for financial freedom. So you may think, what is financial freedom actually? Long story short, we unlock this through having more passive income than daily expenses. 

I have read an article before in which 43 ways to earn passive income was deliberately mentioned. For example, we can set up an online store, publish and sell e-books, sell out online courses, and the list can go on forever! There are thousands of ways for us to explore, whilst we should proactively compare to discover the gem that helps you most. Nonetheless, I believe that investing is the easiest option, as we can do it anytime and anywhere. Let’s devote ourselves in achieving financial freedom, so that we are able to enjoy life and do what we love. 

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