Investing 101 – Tips for Investing

Hooray, let me proudly introduce you to the new episode of Investing 101! To start off, we are here to remind you a few tips before you start investing. 

    1. Entry Barrier
      Although there is never an entry time that’s best for your plan, unreasonable hesitations would just drag us down and hinder our decision making. 

    2. Remain Patient
      In the long run, the power of compound interest brings infinite wealth. During times when a downswing happens, we have to stay vigilant to ensure a well-informed decision is made, as we know the work of compound interest would do its magic anytime soon. 

    3. Keep It Simple
      Start investing as early as possible, we the investment newbies might try out safer options such as funds. 

    4. Diversify Your Investments
      Never put all your eggs in one basket, spread your risk by investing in various options. 

    5. Get Rid of the Safest Picks
      Selections that are too safe make you forget to keep track of market performances. Go for products that slightly fluctuate according to the market trend, in order to build your habit of regular investing.   
    6. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
      Are you always worried about having a great loss due to poor market situations? Don’t be afraid to take your first step, so that you can enjoy the return that would be brought by your investments! 

It is never easy to begin your investment journey, but the rewards that you are able to harvest is something that always makes you proud. So take a leap today and indulge in this investment world!  


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