Leaflet Disclaimer

  1. All offers above are subject to the terms and conditions contained on this leaflet.
  2. This coupon is only applicable to TIPS Dollar (Hong Kong) Limited for redemption of tiips reward.
  3. This coupon can only be used once.
  4. This coupon cannot be exchanged for cash or used in exchange for other products, such as the stored value of Octopus, the payment amount or cash.
  5. If this coupon is expired, lost, smeared or damaged, it will be invalid and will not be reissued.
  6. This coupon is not allowed to be resold in any form. For any commercial or promotional purposes, TIPS Dollar (Hong Kong) Limited’s written consent must be obtained in advance.
  7. The coupon holder is responsible for the loss, theft, destruction or misuse of this coupon, and TIPS Dollar (Hong Kong) Limited is not responsible hereinafter.
  8. The valid date of this coupon is till [the validity period printed on the coupon].
  9. If there are any changes without notice, TIPS Dollar (Hong Kong) Limited reserves the right to change, terminate and modify the terms and conditions of this coupon.
  10. In case of any disputes, TIPS Dollar (Hong Kong) Limited reserves the right of final decision.

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