The financial product that you can’t miss

Getting too tired of me saying that investing gold is a good choice (*** insert Why you should allocate 10% assets for gold purchases? blog) ? Then you should take a look at the Global Market Report prepared by the Standard Chartered bank! 


According to the report, their analysts have encapsulated three reasons of why you should put gold in your investment portfolio: 

  1. Low cost of keeping gold 
  2. They believe that, even if you opt for financial products other than gold, your actual return would not be greater than that in gold. Hence, they agree that placing gold in your assets is encouraged to act as a risk protection (*** insert Gold investment 101 – A 3-tier allocation for gold products blog)

  3. Weak USD
  4. As the experts say, the dollar would stay on the trend of maintaining weak, thus urging the demand for gold which would result in an increase in price. This is what makes gold one of the investment products to be looking forward to. 

  5. Precious metals being an ideal asset for risk aversion 
  6. Gold would still be dominating the competitiveness in terms of risk protection and generating diversified returns. Moreover, the central banks of numerous countries have been purchasing precious metal products lately, which in turn have supported the demand for gold. Again, the gold prices would be high.


After looking into the report, it is undeniable that we all have been more confident in purchasing gold. If you would like to have more insights, feel free to have a detailed digest on their full report here

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