Work, Work, Work

As a busy urbanite, what actually makes us live this hectic lifestyle? I guess the answer would not be surprising – money of course.

Nonetheless, do you ever realise that even though you are spending 24/7, there’s no way that you can earn money 24/7? Is this really a healthy spending style that you should chase after? 

Let’s do some simple maths. If you are working for normal office hours, you would be working Monday to Friday and enjoying your weekend breaks. We usually would make great use of the break and meet up with our loved ones, and that’s where your money goes! You would only be spending without any earnings for these two days, thus your spending habits would be dominating most of your life, rather than earning or saving.

So you may ask, if we are always spending, can we find some ways to ensure ourselves always earning as well? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to convince you to work until the end of the day, as I’m certainly a super fan of having work-life balance! Hence, are there still ways to make some additional cash? 

The answer is actually crystal clear – INVEST. Fully relying on your full time job to support your living can just fulfil your basic survival needs, without bringing you some additional money. It is possible that we could be too busy to invest everyday, but it would be very do-able if we could just squeeze some little time to invest during weekends. 

Conclusion: make investing your habit, if you are a super duper big spender! 

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